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Ola Aasprang

Early Career

Bloodsimple are a New York-based Alternative-Metal band(4). The band was formed in 2002 by vocalist Tim Williams and guitarist Mike Kennedy that both were former members of the legendary band Vision of Disorder(2). When they started they were going by the name Fix 8(1). Tim and Kennedy had a long time planned a project like Bloodsimple, but when Vision of Disorder came to an end, they realized that their project could actually become a band(3). Tim and Kennedy began collaborating on Bloodsimple late 2001, but when guitarist Nick Rowe joined one year later, it really took off, and they began writing three-dimensional songs(3). They also began writing the material for the first album, and after that bassist Kyle Sanders and drummer Chris Hamilton joined the band(4). In 2001 when they were still in Vision of Disorder, came out with a new album named From Bliss to Devastation that didn’t go so well, and the fans and critics didn’t give so good response(5). Chad Gray, vocalist in the band Mudvayne, gave his attention to them and signed them up for his label, Bullygoat Records(5). Bloodsimple had since then toured with everyone from Stone Sour to Alice in Chains to Slayer, and showed the world their new groove-driven metal(2).

A Cruel World

Bloodsimple’s first album came out in 2005 and were named ” A Cruel World”(3). The first song on their album was called “Straight Hate”, and were inspired of an articles about the war in Iraq, and how bad the soldiers there are having it, but It was not a political song, they didn’t care why the soldiers were in Iraq, just that they were there and that it was very difficult for them and their families and that was enough for the bandmembers to write about(3). The next song ”Plunder” is a lot different than the first, it’s about the feelings for a loved one. Else they write about broken relationships, drug addiction(3). They wish to bring out to the people that life isn’t really pretty, news is full of grisly tales of murder and death(2).

Red Harvest

In 2007, Bloodsimple joined the heavy metal package show The Family Value Tour, the same year as they release their second full-length album, Rest Harvest(5). After the drummer Chris Hamilton left the group, Will Hunt joined(5). The name Red Harvest were based on a book written by Dashiell Hammett, and it might have something to do with that a movie named ” Blood Simple ” were released in 1985 and that movie is made out of the book Red Harvest(1).




Of Mice and Men.. again..

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What do the other men think of Lennie?

I think people gets a strange first impression of Lennie. They can clearly see a very big and strong man, but they might see him as strange anyway. When he doesn’t talk at all, as he might have been told, they clearly wonder why he doesn’t talk. When he talks, he talks like a little child. Everything he does is like a little child, or worse. They might be wondering how a huge guy like Lennie can be so mentally retarded, and why does George drag him along? Many people gets angry when Lennie doesn’t talk when they expect answers from him, and they might wonder why George is keeping Lennie’s mouth shut, why can’t he just talk? They who finds out that he’s not as normal than other people might not care because when he only talks he might seem just shy or something, but others that has experienced worse from Lennie’s side, have seen how retarded he is, how childish and strange, and might look at him with disturbed eyes. Everything comes to this, that they look at Lennie as a very unusual person.

Of Mice and Men

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Question: How do you know that George and Lennie have known each other for a long time?

George is a very caring person, and we can see that he knows Lennie very good.  He may have some experience from travelling with Lennie. The way he’s taking care of Lennie, marks that they’ve known each other very well. When they’re going to work together George even mentions that he has known Lennie a long time. Lennie seem to have a lot of respect to George, because he does what he’s told. I suppose it was hard for George in the beginning, because Lennie can’t be a easy man to “raise”. The time has actually made them understand eachother, and Lennie’s is in great hands when it comes to be taken cared of. It’s simply said that they have been knowning each other a long time, because not do they just say it, but we can see it after how their reltionship is.

Sorry I was a little late with this, was sick the day we read it, so I had to read it the next English class, and I had to read it to do it.

Book Report in English

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Guardians of Time III “The Key” by Marianne Curley.

The book has 413 pages.

I liked the first impression of this book. No one recommended this book to me, but I had few books to choose between, so why not choose the book that looks most interesting? I also looked at the name of the book, and the look of the outside, it looked like a science fiction or a fantasy book, so I gave it a try. When I choose the book, I looked on the outside and I saw that it was a fantasy book of adventurers, and I recognized that I’d seen something like it somewhere else.


Main characters

The main characters of this book was two teenagers called Rochelle and Matt. They both were main persons in this book because in the first chapter, Rochelle is written in first person, that will say she was kind of the main person in that chapter, then in the next, Matt was the main character. They switched character between Rochelle and Matt in each chapter. That is why they two are important and should she mentioned.

Other characters

Ethan – is a very important character in this book because he‘s the leader of the characters in this book. Ethan is one of The Guards.
Arkarian – is one of the major characters in the series. He has a relationship with Matt’s sister.
Isabel – is Matt’s sister. She was trained by Ethan, as her brother Matt. She were a very boyish character in her past.

I choose these characters because I think they were the most important ones.

Plot Summary
The Key is a fantasy book. In the beginning they’re loaded in Australia somewhere near Sidney. Everything begins at the outside of the high school of Angels Falls. The situations are written in a special way. It’s like the time was going faster when it happened something, and the details and the other information that we got took a little more time to describe. That’s  how I experienced it. The book was exiting and thrilling. In this book, the characters gets strange signs on that something is wrong.  In the beginning,  a meteor rain suddenly falls down from the skies on their school. An army suddenly gathering in the Underworld. The characters of these book are getting some missions to solve and the other Guardian of Time books. They got to stop the evil forced of the Underworld to destroy their world. It’s the Order of  Chaos that’s behind this. The Order of Chaos is led by the chaos goddess Lathenia. In the book, Matt is angry at Rochelle because she pretended to love him in a mission. Rochelle gets together with Ethan and sacrifices her own life to save him. The goddess of Chaos had two followers, Merduke, that were Rochelle’s boss and gave her the mission, and Keziah, a dark wizard. Matt becomes an Immortal in this book, and he can live forever if he doesn’t get killed by another Immortal.

In conclusion, I liked this book very good. It was not fitting for the time I had to read it but I liked this book because of it’s storyline and how it was written. It was some weak points there the surroundings of the locations should have been more detailed written, because I didn’t really get an whole picture of some places they were located. A good point is that the book didn’t miss any action, excitement or romance. I didn’t learn so very much about reading this book because it was fantasy and it was from imagination, but I discovered a new type of writing. I strongly recommend this book for people that even doesn’t have interests in fantasy, even if this book were the book three and it was a very good book and you got enough information out of it. The language so hard either, so you don’t have to be the best reader to read this book.

John Steinbeck Questions

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1. It was the classic novel The Grapes of Wrath that won the Pulitzer Prize

2. It was 27.2.1902 Jon Steinbeck was born.

3. Three of John Steinbeck’s books that were made into Hollywood film: Of mice and men, The Grapes of Wrath and Cannery Row.

4. Of Mice and Men were written in 1937.

5. He served as a journalist in the war zones.

6. President Lyndon  B. Johnson

7. It’s named the National Steinbeck Center

8. I think he got 67 years old.

9. It might be that the unnamed country they’re in could be Norway.


– George Milton is a very kind and caring man. He takes care of Lennie and becomes friends with him. He’s a smart man with great inventions, that wishes a better life. Lennie is a guy that is traveling with George. Lennie is mentally retarded, but he’s a very kind person and has a good heart. Although he’s as smart as a little kid, he’s a very big and almost too strong man. Lennie has had a great deal of accidents through time with animals, and that’s sad because he loves bunnies(or rabbits) very much. They two wish to start a new life on a new place, fulfilling their dreams together.

Freedom for Huck

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As we already know, Huck had a terrible father. Drunk and violent, he comes back after running away. Huck got a reward for his good actions, 6000$, and that for getting some robbers arrested. That’s the reason Huck’s father returned, to clam Huck’s reward for his own. It’s like a curse for Huck, having his father in his life, trying to ruin it. Huck moved in to Mrs Douglas to get a life, but that was not the life Huck wanted. Huck wanted to be a free boy, no school, no church, no bath! Huck just wanted to live simple, without his very bad father, without the perfect lifestyle of Mrs Douglas.

Huck runs away. He meets Mrs Douglas’ sister’s slave, Jim, that has ran away too. They kind of find themselves in the same situation, Jim’s afraid to be sold away to somebody else, so he ran away, and Huck decides to follow him in his companionship. They found out that the only way to escape their troubles, was to go down the river.

They go down the river on a fleet of tree. they of course escaped the people looking for them. If I’m not wrong, they both want to get a new life another place, I think they’re going to search for it at least, but I don’t know if they has a choice. Whatever they are going through, there’s always a new start ahead, you just simply have to find it.

What I think, is that Huck actually got some thoughts about living that life he had on the fleet, on the river. But I’m sure he felt free. No one to decide how he’s life is going to be, only him and his friend Jim. On that river, Huck decides what to do, where to go, and how his life is going to be, free from school, clean clothes and drunken fathers. So he simply freed himself from the life he had.

Conclusion is: Now that no one decides what to do with his life, he escaped by will. The river freed him, gave him a chance to espace, provided him freedom.

1. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was first published in: Year 1884 by Charles L. Webster and Company2.

2. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn can best be described as: The Great American Novel. A Young boys escapes to the river with a slave, takes a fleet and begins their adventure on the river.

3. Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer each received ________ dollars when they found money that the robbers had hidden in the cave: It was 6000$

4. Huck’s father returns because he: wanted to claim Huck’s reward on 6000$ for himself.

5. When Jim first sees Huck Finn on the island, he thinks Huck: is going to find Jim and bring Jim back, then starting to wonder if he escaped of something

6. Jim runs away from Miss Watson because: he’s afraid to be sold from Miss Watson.

7. Huck escapes to Jackson Island and discovers that: Jim, Miss Watson’s slave has also escaped.

8. Mark Twain’s approach to the issue of racism in Huckleberry Finn is that: black people shouldn’t be held as slaves to the white rich people, instead of being free.

Mark Twain

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Some facts about Mark Twain:

1. Be was born the name Samuel Langhorne Clemens

2. He was born 30. November, 1836 in Florida.

3. He was 74 years old when he died in 1910.

4. He was a humanist, humorist, satirist, lecturer and a writer.

5. He wrote a great story named  “Adventurers of Huckleberry Finn”.

6.  Mark Twain once became friend with the president himself, and many other big people in the world, like royalties from Europe.

7.  Mark Twain was a great American author, as mentioned,  Adventurers of Huckleberry Finn was called The Great American Novel.

8. He was called the Father of American Literature by William Faulkner.

9. One of Mark Twain’s first stories was “Advice to Little Girls”, and it’s a humorous short story written in  1867.

10. Mark Twain was the president of the American Anti-Imperialist League.